Sunday, October 28, 2012

Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

We’ve all been there: The search for the perfect something, the over paying for that item, and the buyer’s regret and worry that there was something else better out there. In regards to your wedding dress, this article will help you find the right dress and hopefully get rid of any buyer’s regret.

First off, according to most wedding advice sites, your wedding gown should be no more than about 8-10% of your entire wedding budget. This will obviously fluctuate depending on what aspects of your wedding are most important to you, but it is important to allocate a set amount for your dress and stick to it. 

Start early! If you are engaged or have marriage on the mind, chances are you’ve seen Say Yes to the Dress on TLC and know how most gowns are not ready to wear when purchased. Most dresses are custom made, with many alterations done after purchase. Whether you plan on adding your own flare or just making sure it fits perfectly, keep in mind your wedding timeline!

Next, where do you look? Two words: brainstorm and research. It is important to brainstorm what kind of look you are going for. Do you want to look classy or sexy? Maybe walk the line of both? White too boring for you? Maybe you want a splash of color. Nowadays many brides are opting out of the traditional white dress and are choosing colors that better represent their personalities.

There is a really helpful iPhone dress finder app that you can download at called “Wedding Dress Look Book.” You can input your bra size, height and weight, best features and problem areas. It will find just-for-you dresses to help get the ball rolling. This is also helpful for browsing designers you like. Dress shopping is all about narrowing the choices to prevent feeling overwhelmed.
After you have a dress type in mind and how you want to feel and look in your dress, research places that are in your price range. Don’t torture yourself by going to stores that obviously will have beautiful royal princess gowns if you know you cannot afford them. Pick only a handful of stores you want to start with and make at least an hour appointment at each.

Now, the dilemma of who comes with you. Try to limit yourself to just two or three others. We all have that one friend, who we love dearly but with whom we do not share the same taste in clothes. Yeah, don’t bring that friend. Always keep in mind that this is your wedding and what matters most is how you feel in your dress. It’s helpful to have friends to help you narrow down choices, but don’t be afraid to go on your own to pick the final one. 

XO, Chelsea 

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