Monday, December 9, 2013

New Years in Los Angeles - Bring on 2014!

New Year's is a time for reflections of the past and celebration of the future but can oftentimes be stressful when planning what to do. You want a balance; the right people, food, activity to commemorate the previous year and ring in the new one.

Here are some suggestions when planning; from a quiet night at home with the family to a progressive dinner with friends.

Night in with the Family:
Great for adults and entertaining kids alike.
Food: sliders, french fries, smores
Drinks: apple cider for the kids and champagne for the adults 
Games: Make it simple - invite other families over and each one has to bring their family's favorite game. 

Another idea is to have a different game or activity to play every hour. 

Night in with Friends:
Who doesn't love a themed dress up party? Even if it is just themed Black & White, adults love to dress up or costume dress and show off their inner child/creative side.

Black & White
Roaring 20s - Great Gatsby
60s - Mad Men
Vegas - Casino Game Night
Time for a Change (decades)
Around the World

If you have a lot of friends in close proximity, within walking distance because finding a cab on New Years Eve is nearly impossible, you can turn your night in with friends into a progressive dinner. Pick three houses - one host appetizers, another a main course and the final dessert. This could work well with the decades theme or around the world and each house be decorated to match a subcategory of the overall theme. You can even apply the different activity for every hour idea as well and do one per house. 

No matter what you decide to do, having a little extra something for the stroke of midnight is always a hit. Grab some sparklers, poppers, silly string, champagne, etc but know your audience.
Have fun & happy 2014!